IMO 2020 – Challenges and Opportunities in Chinese Shipping and Shipbuilding Industry

IMO 2020 对中国航运和造船业带来的挑战和机遇   October 10, 2019 English Transcript Chinese Transcript The discussions will cover the following points: 专家们谈及的话题有以下几点: How will shipowners comply with IMO 2020 regulations? 船东如何达到符合IMO2020要求的排放量? How will shipowners be affected by IMO 2020 regulations? 船东如何被IMO2020 影响? What opportunities will IMO 2020 give shipowners? IMO2020为船东带来什么机遇? How will the newly designed ships comply with IMO … Read more

China and the Evolving Landscape of the Global Shipping Industry

中国与全球航运业的历史与未来   August 6, 2019 English Transcript Chinese Transcript Chinese yards are building increasingly sophisticated ships and some of the world’s biggest container and bulk fleets are Chinese-owned.  在过去十年里,中国对于航运业的发展至关重要。我们见证了金融租赁公司在航运领域的兴起,也看到中国船厂建造的船舶愈加先进。一些全球最大的集装箱船、散货船船队由中国人拥有。 The discussion covered the following points: 航运业的权威专家们就此展开了讨论,谈及的话题有: A reflection on how the Chinese shipping industry has developed and grown over the past decade.  对中国航运业十年来发展的回顾 The advances … Read more

Deep Dive into Chinese Leasing with Bill Guo from ICBC Financial Leasing

Podcast Summary Mr. Bill Guo, Executive Director, Shipping of ICBC Financial Leasing joins Mr. Nicolas Bornozis, for an exclusive interview to discuss about the ins and outs of Chinese Leasing, focusing on the sector and in particular on the strategy of ICBC Leasing, the largest Chinese Leasing firm with a global industry footprint. Chinese Leasing is no longer … Read more