Deep Dive into Chinese Leasing with Bill Guo from ICBC Financial Leasing

Podcast Summary

Mr. Bill Guo, Executive Director, Shipping of ICBC Financial Leasing joins

Mr. Nicolas Bornozis, for an exclusive interview to discuss about the ins and outs of Chinese Leasing, focusing on the sector and in particular on the strategy of ICBC Leasing, the largest Chinese Leasing firm with a global industry footprint. Chinese Leasing is no longer part of the Alternative Finance world but is fast becoming, or has already become, part of the mainstream ship finance landscape.


  • Comparing the business model of Chinese Leasing with that of traditional bank finance and credit funds
  • Are Chinese Leasing firms just credit providers or also shipowners?
  • The developing landscape of the Chinese Leasing market – Impact, risk and challenges of rapid expansion with new entrants
  • Terms, structure, cost and factors of considerations in a potential Chinese Leasing transaction
  • Financing newbuilds vs. second hand ships; Chinese vs. International Owners
  • ICBC’s leasing portfolio composition in terms of geographic and industry breakdown – the growing internationalization of Chinese Leasing and ICBC in particular
  • Teaming with cargo providers vs. tonnage providers – the potential impact on the shipping markets
  • ICBC’s market positioning and strategy looking ahead

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